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The visual art I create is reflective of my journey. 


As an artistic child I was a copyist.  I could look at most any physical object and draw a picture of it.  My images were accurate enough that comments from friends and family encouraged me to pursue an art career.

Patricia Ballentine

After graduating from high school I enrolled in a commercial art program.  The first week we were given an assignment that required a completely original image and I struggled with the creation, but I was stunned when “this stinks” was the instructor’s comment.  I walked out of class and I never went back.  (Years later I would understand the perfection of a greater plan.)


No longer attending college, I needed to find a job.  I tested for and was immediately accepted into General Electric Company’s Toolmaker/Machinist Apprenticeship Program.  It was the early 70s and being a woman with an “unusually high aptitude” for geometry, math and spatial relationships made me a desirable candidate for their program.  Being a girl, I had not been allowed to take drafting in high school and I thought this was an interesting coincidence.  (I was not yet awake to the magic that synchronicity and “right timing” was playing in my life.) 


This coincidence launched a 30+ year engineering career specializing in industrial drafting and design.  For most of those years I was successfully self-employed.  I provided services to companies ranging from heavy equipment manufacturers to aerospace firms to municipal sewage treatment facilities.

In 1995, I experienced my first true spark of artistic inspiration.  The image created came to me after an evening of drumming and visioning with a circle of women.  I felt an overpowering urge to put down on paper what had formed in my mind’s eye.  The only large piece of paper I had was a sheet of 24 x 36 drafting vellum.  With a set of Prange watercolors and colored pencils I had held onto since high school, I created my first piece of art in nearly 25 years.  This was also the first time I had ever created an image that was original - not a copy of something visible on the physical plane.


For the next 10 years, I created images of fairies and mystical spirits interacting in this physical world we walk in.  During that time, I continued to work in engineering.  Utilizing the latest in technology in my day-to-day professional life, and pastels and watercolors in my artistic life, I thought of these two aspects as separate from each other.


Then, through meditation and years of personal transformational work, INTEGRATION became the word that pressed against my consciousness demanding expression.  With time and devotion, the word transformed into images that I could not find duplicated in my earthly realm.  As I began to experiment with ways to bring those images into visual expression, I experienced a moment of profound transformation …. And I understood INTEGRATION in a whole new, deeper way.


Today the images I create are the offerings of a more integrated and aligned artist.   Recognizing the “artistry” in all aspects of my life, I blend state-of-the-art technology from engineering with the images I receive through my meditation practice.   The years in engineering have honed my skills in creating extremely accurate geometric shapes, utilizing AutoCAD (Computer Aided Drafting & Design) software.  Once the geometry from my vision is created in CAD, I use traditional and technological tools to complete the images.  The final results are computer generated, yet inspired visual messengers and portals.  


Becoming an artist is an ongoing evolutionary process.  The child who duplicated that which seemed apparent became a woman who brings into manifestation that which is beyond common sight.  I create, not because someone validates the work, but because I am inspired to bring the images forth, regardless of the response of others.  I recognize with deep gratitude, the perfection of a greater plan, and I am devoted to the path of integrated artistic expression.  What I create and share today is “current."  But as I continue the journey, and remain committed to my evolutionary process, most certainly my art will also evolve.


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